The Park City Extreme Cup has become
a Stay & Play tournament for Travel Teams in 2019.


Q: Why has Park City Extreme Cup become a Stay & Play tournament?
The Park City area is a unique, high traffic leisure travel destination in the summer months. There is significant competition in our community for venues and resources, and the Extreme Cup is challenged annually to demonstrate its positive impact on the community over other proposed events.

By requiring all Travel Teams (teams that travel approximately 90 miles or more) to book accommodations, and book through our partners Stay Park City, we are able to clearly and accurately demonstrate the positive economic impact that all of us bring to our great destination.  

In direct partnership, and with a shared vision with Summit & Wasatch Counties, as well as the communities of Coalville, Heber, Midway, Oakley and Park City, we are dedicated to operating a world class event, in a world class destination and contributing a positive economic impact to our local area. 

Q: How does the Extreme Cup’s Stay & Play work?
The Park City Extreme Cup’s Lodging Program -- managed by Stay Park City -- works with a wide variety of lodging partners in Park City, Utah and the surrounding area to secure excellent lodging rates for all participants and to ensure sufficient rooms for all attending teams. These partners in return, contribute directly back to the tournament to help us continue hosting this event year after year.

All Travel Teams MUST book rooms directly through Stay Park City, with a minimum number of room nights (based on team size and travel distance from home jurisdiction to Park City). Team’s Stay & Play Accommodations Report MUST be submitted by July 10, 2019. Teams unable to meet the Stay & Play requirements may request a waiver for 2019.

Travel Teams booking through a third party provider (i.e., Expedia, Hotwire), booking directly with a hotel or property management firm, or utilizing a VRBO or Airbnb, will not fulfill the Stay & Play requirement and will be subject to disqualification.

Q: What are the minimum Room Nights in the Stay & Play requirements?
Minimum Room Nights vary based on the size of team and travel distance to Park City

Distance from Park City Teams U12 & Younger Teams U13 & Older
90 - 150 Miles 8 Room Nights 10 Room Nights
151 or More Miles 16 Room Nights 20 Room Nights

Q:  What constitutes a Room Night?
    A room night is considered a single sleeping room for one night.  The minimum number of required room nights may be met in a variety of ways:
         - Eight individual room reservations for one night each
         - Four individual room reservations for two nights each
         - Four two bedroom unit reservations for one night each
         - Or any combination, thereof

Q: What scenarios qualify a team for Stay & Play Waivers?

A: Travel Teams may submit a Stay & Play Waiver for all or some of the required room nights if they are unable to meet the tournament’s Stay & Play Requirements, this year, for any of the following reasons
                - Rooms were booked outside of Stay Park City services prior to April 15, 2019
                - Team members own a second home or timeshare in the Park City area
                - Team members plan to stay with family or friends in the Park City area

                - Team members plan to camp or stay at an RV Park in the Park City area

Q: Are local teams required to participate in the Stay & Play program?
Teams based within a 90 mile drive from Park City are not subject to the Stay & Play requirements. Teams that do choose to make reservations for a “staycation” in the Park City area are asked to book through Stay Park City and to submit the Stay & Play Accommodation Report

Travel Teams MUST adhere to the Stay & Play
requirements or risk disqualification.

Cancellation policies vary by each individual lodging provider; it is the responsibility of the booking guest to inquire and understand the cancellation policies of the property they choose to book.  •  Park City Extreme Cup is not responsible for any cancellations or for any acts by the lodging partners who provide accommodations. Lodging partners are not agents or employees of Park City Extreme Cup • Every effort is made to ensure website accuracy at the time of publication; however, Park City Extreme Cup cannot be held responsible for printing or typographical errors, product changes, and/or content changes on websites. • Park City Extreme Cup is not liable for any loss or damage to property, injury, or damages or claims whatsoever arising from any act, error, omission, default or negligence of any person who is not a direct employee of Park City Extreme Cup.