How to Contact Park City Extreme Cup?

Mailing Address

Park City Extreme Cup
Post Office Box 980782
Park City, Utah 84098

Tournament Headquarters

Newpark Resort & Hotel
1456 Newpark Boulevard
Park City, Utah 84098
Tournament Headquarter opens at 4:00pm on Tuesday, July 25 and
will be open 7:30am - 9:00pm through Saturday, July 29.

Key Contacts

Park City Extreme Cup Phone: (877) 730-4911

  • Registration:                              x804     Darcy Tsandes         
  • Scheduling:                               x805      Pete Dunmire           
  • Payments & Finance:               x806      Cheryl White-Hamrick
  • Volunteers:                                x807      Elissa Aten               
  • Tech Support (App)                  x808      Patrick Obrien          
  • Lodging:                                    x809      Karen Pena               
  • Sponsorships & Advertising:   x810      Michael Thomas      
  • Concessions:                                           Ginny Etheridge      
  • Merchandise:                                          Cora Lucero          
  • Tournament Co-Director:                      Cora Lucero           / 801.831.1219
  • Tournament Director:             x803      Shelley Gillwald