General FAQs

Q: What are the tournament dates?

  • Tournament play runs Thursday, July 23 - Saturday, July 25, 2020. Out-of-state and travel teams may request special arrangements from the Tournament Registrar and Scheduler.

Q: What Age Alignment will The Extreme Cup Follow?

  • Following the lead of Utah Youth Soccer Association, the Extreme Cup will host teams according to U.S. Youth Soccer's birth year / Calendar Year Initiative.

Q: How many players can I have on my roster?

  • U9 & U10 teams will play 7 v7, with a total of 12 players on their roster

  • U11 & U12 teams will play 9 v 9, with a total of 15 players on their roster

  • U13 - U15 teams will play 11 v 11, with a total of 18 players on their roster

  • U16 - U18 teams will play 11 v 11, with a total of 22 players on their roster (all 22 may dress)

Q: How many guest players can I have on a team?

  • U9 & U10 may have 4 guest players

  • U11 & U12 may have 4 guest players

  • U13 - U18 may have 5 guest players

Q: Can a player Double Roster for this tournament?

  • No. Per UYSA Sanctioned Tournament Rule 935.3, a player may only be rostered to one team in a tournament.

Q: Are High School girls teams permitted to play in the Extreme Cup?

  • Yes. Given the Extreme Cup's schedule, there are no conflicts between
    UHSAA rules and Park City's tournament.

Q: When do team rosters freeze?

  • Team Rosters freeze at the time your team is checked in. You cannot add any players after that time and no player may be handwritten on the roster — with the exception of out-of-state guest players added and approved at check in. All players must have a jersey number on the tournament roster and must wear the same number throughout the tournament.

  • SPECIAL NOTE: All teams should be sure they have MORE THAN ONE appropriately licensed coach registered with their team. A licensed, registered coach is required to be present for the entirety of all games.

 Q: Is The Extreme Cup A Stay & Play Tournament?

  • Yes, the Park City Extreme Cup requires all teams traveling approximately 90 miles or more to book a minimum number of room nights through our Official Lodging Provider, Stay Park City. Details about the Stay & Play requirements are available in the Lodging & Market section of this website.

Application FAQs

Q: In what age group should I register my team?

  • The 2020 Park City Extreme Cup will align its age groups with 2020-21 Club play, based on the US Youth Soccer Calendar Year mandate. When registering for the Extreme Cup, teams should make sure they specify their team's Fall 2020 age as the age group they will play in the tournament.

Q: What Competitive Division Should I Choose for my team?

  • The competition level is intended to provide a general indication of team strength and is used to help create divisions within age groups. The level requested by a team is NOT a guarantee that they will play in any particular division. The Selection Committee relies primarily on team records from previous play to guide the selection and placement process. Generally speaking, Platinum and/or Gold is the most competitive level and will have mostly Premier or upper Division 1 teams. Silver and/or Bronze will have mostly Division 1 and 2 teams, while Bronze and/or Copper will be the least competitive. The number of divisions within an age group will be determined only after registration closes.

Q: How should I complete the Additional Information on the application?

  • Most of the Additional Information section of the application is aimed at placing teams in the appropriate competitive division. Choose the competition level (Most Competitive, Competitive, Least Competitive) that you think best fits your team. For the most recent season of play, select the Division you are currently playing in or most recently completed. If you are a brand new team, you should note this on the application and enter information based on where you expect the team to be placed in the coming season. You can add any relevant information in the area reserved for Requests.

Q: If I pay our entry fee by credit card, when will my card be charged?

  • Credit Cards are not run until your team has been accepted to the tournament. This could be as early as May 1 or as late as June 26. PLEASE NOTE: Payment (either credit card number or a check) must be received by the registration deadline of June 17 or your team may be considered ineligible for acceptance.

Q: If I Pay Our Entry Fee by E-Check, When Will My check be processed?

  • E-Checks are not processed until your team has been accepted to the tournament. this could be as early as May 1 or as late as June 26.

Q: If I Pay Our Entry Fee By check, will my check be cashed before we are
accepted? What if our team is not accepted?

  • Checks are not cashed until a team has been accepted to the tournament. If your team is not accepted, you will be contacted by the Tournament Treasurer to confirm if you would like the check shredded or mailed back.

Q: What if I would like to apply for the Extreme Cup early, but I cannot
collect funds from our team until after tryouts?

  • You are welcome to apply for the Extreme Cup at any time, without making payment. Simply
    mark that you are mailing a check. You can then log back into your Got Soccer account and update your application with a new payment method at a later time, PROVIDED THAT payment is received by credit card, e-check, or check, by June 17. Payments not received by the registration deadline of June 19 jeopardize your chance of being accepted to this year’s tournament.

Check In FAQs

Q: What is Team Check In?

  • Team Check In is a mandatory, in person registration session to present team documents and credentials to the tournament committee, as required by UYSA tournament rules.

Q: When is Team Check In?

  • 2020 Team Check In is tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 20 from 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

  • The Team Check In session is REQUIRED for all teams based within 90 minutes of Park City.

  • Special Check In arrangements may be requested for teams traveling more than 90 minutes ONE WAY to Park City by contacting the tournament registrar.

  • All Special Check In appointments must be approved in advance, no later than July 17.

Q: Where is Team Check In?

  • 2020 Team Check In is tentatively scheduled for the Park City Community Church, on Bear Hollow Drive, Park City (5 minutes south of Kimball Junction, off Highway 224.)

Q: What is a UYSA affiliated team?

  • A UYSA affiliated team is a team that works under the umbrella organization of the Utah Youth Soccer Association and is affiliated with the US Youth Soccer Association.

Q: What is a Non-UYSA affiliated team?

  • A Non-UYSA affiliated team is a team that does not work under the umbrella organization of Utah Youth Soccer. This includes out-of-state teams, USYSA teams, US Club Soccer Teams, AYSO teams, etc.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to Team Check In?

  • All items are detailed under the Team Check In page on this website. This information will be updated per UYSA rules and activated on or before June 26, when teams acceptances are announced.

Q: What is the Official Team Roster required for check-in?

  • The official team roster is the roster provided by your state association. The copy you provide does not need to be signed and can be generated through the Affinity System (UYSA teams). This roster will include only the players officially rostered to your team and will not include guest players.

Q: What is the Tournament Roster?

  • UYSA Teams: Your tournament roster is generated through the Affinity System. Detailed information for creating this roster can be found on the Team Check In page on this website. It lists the names and photographs of the players playing with your team. All players and coaches participating in the tournament, including guest players, must appear on this tournament roster.

  • Non-UYSA Teams: Your tournament roster can be generated through the tournament roster link on the Extreme Cup website or through GotSoccer. All players and coaches participating in the tournament, including guest players, must appear on this tournament roster.

Q: What is the Player Participation Form?

  • This is the UYSA Registration Form that each UYSA team should have for their players and provides consent for medical treatment. It is the form that is generated when a player registers with UYSA and may be found on the Documents & Forms tab of this website.

Q: Do I Need to have a medical release form (player participation form)
for each Player at check in?

  • NO! We no longer require a signed copy to be present at check-in. But it must be present at all games.

Q: What paperwork do I need for guest players?

  • Both UYSA and Non-UYSA affiliated teams must have a Guest Player form for every guest player that will participate in the tournament. This is the UYSA “Specialty Player Action Form” and may be found on the Documents & Forms tab of this website. Both the Player Information section and Section 1 must be completed and the form signed.

  • If you have a tournament only guest player, please contact the tournament registrar.

Q: What I if am a Utah team but have a guest player from out-of-state?

  • Guest players from out-of-state playing with a Utah team are required by UYSA to have a "Permission To Play In A Neighboring State" form. This form is in addition to the “Specialty Player Action” form and may be found on the Documents & Forms tab of this website This form may take up to two weeks to process, so team managers should plan accordingly.

  • If you are uncertain, please contact the tournament registrar for more information about the requirements for these players and the "Permission to Play in a Neighboring State" form.

Q: What are the paperwork requirements for out-of-state teams?

  • Teams from Region IV are required to bring their official state roster, their tournament roster, player cards, and medical release forms; they are not required to bring Team Travel Papers. Teams from outside Region IV are also required to bring Team Travel Papers. All out-of-state teams should contact the Tournament Registrar to discuss Check In requirements.

Q: What will I leave with after I check in my team?

  • After Team Check In you will leave with:

    • One (1) stamped tournament roster to present to the referee at the beginning of each game.

    • Manager's packet with pertinent tournament information, parking rules, and information to download the Extreme Cup Mobile App.

    • Commemorative Extreme Cup gifts for all rostered players, head coach, and team manager.